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Powered by an AI Health Assistant

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personalised tech

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Boltt Smart Wearables are packed with a Virtual Health Assistant, B!

B helps you stay active, eat healthy and sleep better.

The more you train with it, the more personalized your coaching gets.


Connected Shoes

Shoes engineered to power effortless running and optimize potential.


With embedded


With the powerful stride sensor embedded in its heart,
these connected shoes decode your performance in real time and
track instantaneous speed, distance, calories, pace and more.

Connect your shoes with B and you’ll be unstoppable.


Measure your every

The unique lightweight Stride Sensor captures your
biometrics with every step. Records your speed,
cadence, strides, 3D foot acceleration, ground impact time and velocity.

Helps improve your training intensity and sports performance.


AI meets fashion

Powerful, lightweight and stylish. A Smart band that is so comfortable
to wear, it becomes your second skin. Tracks your activity and sleep.

A lifestyle tracker that helps you achieve total fitness
without you even noticing it.

AI Personal Trainer

B analyses your body movements in real time and gives you
voice cues to run faster and perform better.

Ultimate cheerleader that motivates you to complete the workout.
Keeps a check on your intensity so that you get most out of your workout without
fear of injuries. Get feedback on ideal speed, pace, stride,
technique and form.

Your daily dose of


Like a friend, B talks to you via texts. Assigns bite sized tasks
everyday, with 24*7 support keeps you from falling off the track.
and motivates you to make smart choices throughout the day.

Analyses your habits, sleep and activity patterns, gives actionable insights and
guides you towards a better lifestyle.
Tell B how your day was and B will guide you on how to make it better.

Interactive, fun and easy

Say goodbye to monotony and choose from hundreds of pre-installed

workouts, millions of meal combinations and training plans. Crunches your

health and sleep data to give you meaningful, actionable insights.

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